Founded in 1987 by Ricci Harughty, Ranger Oilfield Products, LLC has grown into a leading equipment manufacturer and repair facility in the oil and gas drilling industry. We are a family-owned and operated company that stresses strong values and customer satisfaction in all areas of our business. From humble beginnings of buying and selling drilling equipment, to state of the art manufacturing and repair operations, Ranger has evolved with the advancing industry in order to support our clients with their equipment needs.

Ranger specializes in the manufacturing and repair of drill pipe handling equipment and with an emphasis on ST-80 Iron Roughnecks, Blohm and Voss Floorhands, Pipe Spinners, Drill Pipe Elevators, Elevator Bails, Rotary/Collar Slips, Power Slips, and more.

We consider our company to be in a constant growth mode by always looking to increase our service capabilities and continually expanding our scope of products. We stay eager to add new product lines based on the need of our clients and of the industry.

Ranger’s main office and repair facility is located in Willis, TX and we have an additional supply warehouse located in Midland, TX.

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